10 Little Diggers

"And then there were none." Agatha Christie

Ten people are invited to a Summer party on an island off the Devon coast. Nothing in common, until an unexpected death binds the group. One dies first, then another. Who is behind the murderous plot?

Let's play 'how to host a murder'. I'll set the scene. 10 little diggers have been sent an invitation to a dinner party. Mein host explains, a global pandemic has struck the island and, unless we solve the mystery, the island economy will collapse and we are all dead.

Island Co. Pty Ltd Profit & Loss Statement

Sales drop 90%. Profitability measured in negative.

10 Diggers at $750 per week plus Super = $8,212.50

7 Diggers qualify for Job Jeepers, 3 don't.

6 weeks of JK floating = $49,275 ($14,782.5 JK exempt)

JK reimbursement not yet received.

Liquor License Refund received (circa $2k)

Food Health and Safety Permit (50% refund) received (circa $300)

$10k State Government boost received.

$10k tax refund not received, won't help anyhow.

Bank, no where to be seen.

Rent negotiation happening, but still uncertain.

I don't need to skip to the last page to find out who the murderer is. I don’t need to solve this mystery. I need to get off the island, before it’s too late.

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