Updated: May 6, 2020

Never did I think ACA and 'Cyclone' Tracey had journalistic integrity.

I take it all back. Tonight's interview with Federal Treasurer 'J-Berg' has changed my view. Most of the below is verbatim, albeit edited.

TG: How do we get pubs, bars and restaurants back to work, open and operating profitably with reduced numbers?

JF: Well these are the exact questions that our medical experts are working through and are being discussed at national cabinet. (Alarm bells are ringing Joshy). National Cabinet set forward 15 condition precedents (sic.), conditions that need to be satisfied, before we can ease the restrictions.

The key issue here is, if people go back into hospitality, drinking at pubs, or buying a meal, that's good news for the farmers, because the farmers are producing good crops and they need to find a home for their produce.

TG: How do they make a buck?

JF: Well, over time, when the restrictions get eased, so while you might start incrementally, you build up over time and I think that's an important point of this, the restrictions will be eased in a staged approach. No one has a crystal ball.

HV: Bullshit, I do. What a load of dribble.

J-Berg, You are punch drunk. You are on the ropes. Take some smelling salts, tend to your cuts, heed your trainers advice and come out of the blue corner swingin’.

I’ll give you a 3 punch combo. Give 'em the old 1,2,3. Jab Penalty Rates, Body blow FBT & Right cross Payroll Tax.

Knock ‘em out. Mamma said so.

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