Saturday’s late afternoon announcement by DapperDan has delivered a near fatal blow to Hospitality, our industry. It is nothing short of a sucker punch to a victim on its knees. I have no energy to spell out the emotional, mental health, social and economic cost.

The conspiracist would suggest that he is making decisions, based on advice, that have nothing to do with his mantle. It is abhorrent, that the conversation has shifted back to COVID-19 and away from the branch stacking debacle. I can assure you, that there are vested interests to keep this fraud in the box seat. Very powerful and tough men. I am, absolutely, not surprised that he has pulled this stunt.

Unions, Corruption, Chinese, Debt and a systemic misunderstanding of the responsibility of an officer of the public has melted DapperDan's brain.

I, no longer, can sit back and cop it sweet. The rule of law has been breached. Integrity went out the window a long time ago. Let's call this bull shit out.

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