We are 'not free'.

When did service get included in the price? I'll tell you when. Back when Mr Humphries was delivering camp one liners and fine dining was 'du jour'. Silver cutlery and fine china sat on linen, people went to restaurants for special occasions and paid for the privilege. Fine dining lost its polish and the industry evolved. Prices came down, competition increased and casual dining was born.

Back in the 'halcyon' days you could charge for your product. Cash was king and wages were in check. Sure we worked hard, but there was money to be made. Then along came FBT, penalty rates, tipping and expensive fit outs. I was part of the new world. I turned 'The Thumpin' Tum' into Public House and spent a bomb in the process. Back then, there were still profit margins. Flatbreads and European plonk, oh how I miss you.

Fast forward to 2020 and add a global pandemic. We are all staring at our businesses wondering where it all went wrong? I'll give you a clue. We have the highest wage structures in the modern world, yet we don't charge for service? We allow margins to erode to zero and still front up with the same model.

Here's a thought, charge properly. Add 10% to the bill for customers who have had the benefit of service and ambience. It happens all over the world.

Let's do it. I need complete 'buy in'. In ScoMo's words, 'One in, all in'.

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