"The city's changing, Cause we are changing, And we are all in this together." Ben Lee

What do HostPlus, United Workers Union and the Australian Hotels Association have in common? They are 'all in this together'.

In 1988, when the smartest Labour minds were shaking it up and reforming Australia in budgie smugglers, a movement was born. Industry Super. Let industry underwrite worker pensions. Let employers be the administrator. Legislate and lock it in please Eddie.

Hospitality power brokers took 'two centres' at the Public Bar. The AHA lads called their union mates. A 'couple of quieties' later HostPlus was born and the 'cheers-ing' hasn't stopped since. It was a Socialist chess move that got 'checked' by Capitalism. The bouncing baby boy has grown up and no longer listens to father. 'What would you know? I'm bigger, stronger and better than you ever were. You wouldn't get a kick in today's game.'

I know it's coming for me personally. My boy is a big lump of a lad. I have no doubt he will be a formidable person. I just don't want him to inherit my house. Not before I make a few 'renos'.

We might be 'in it together', but I'd like my say.

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