The world is changing, becoming more complex and less answerable by simple solutions.

You haven’t heard from me for a while. I’ve been battling an angry ocean. I have been picked up and dumped by a monster wave and simply stolen this moment to gasp for air. When the wave decides to eventually release me, I will crawl onto the beach and replace salt water with an ice cold beer. That thought is keeping me alive. It is hard not to succumb to the power of Mother Nature. She will, and does, do as she pleases.

Mental health is not an illness. It is, literally, a state of mind at any given moment in time. Everyone sits somewhere on the spectrum and moves along it, depending on external pressures. Some have the power and skill to fight it. Others, tragically, don’t.

I will not allow it to defeat me. I’m a competitive beast. If you are in the wave, shout out when it’s your turn for air. If you are drowning, wave your hands to call for a life saver. Let’s ride this bad boy out together and savour the cold beer at the end. I like beer.

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