I'm going on The Block. Why slave away in an industry that keeps getting ignored? Why continue to pour money, blood, sweat and tears into Hospitality when the Construction industry just keeps banking cheques? The Age announced today that ScoMo has dipped into his wallet and pulled out $2.5 billion to kickstart the economy. It comes in the form of a $50k cheque for buyers of newly built homes. What would you do with the $50k? I reckon' I would use it for mortgage payments while I worked out where my next pay cheque was coming from. The premise that it will be spent on consumables is as 'Block Headed' as Dapper Dan blowing a big chunk of his $25 billion Corona Credit Card on election commitments to the heavily unionised construction industry. Who will be able to afford a new home anyway?

Today, another famous Australian institution declared that it won't reopen. The Franklin, together with Mona, effectively put Tassie back on the map. My heart goes out to all concerned. I'll be having a Lark Whisky in honour of what you have achieved for the great apple isle. How many more institutions need to fall before all levels of government start to understand the gravity of what we are facing?

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I'm joining the 2020 series of The Block. We are going to demolish Victorian Parliament House and subdivide it into apartments. I reckon DapperDan will be right behind some more 'jobs for the boys'.

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