The Pyramid War Strategy

In 1959 Vautin Andrews (I shit you not) established an 'innovative' private get rich scheme. VapperAn was later mayor of Geelong. I daren't trace a direct relation. It is not going to serve my purpose. Needless to say, in the midst of economic turmoil, there was a run on funds and the pyramid founders started undermining shaky foundations. They advertised for more funds, on the promise of higher returns, all the while scrambling to insolvently restructure. Labour Premier John Cain tried to step in to salvage mum and dad's savings. It culminated in a never before seen and never to be repeated petrol excise to repatriate lost funds.

It is a basic lesson in risk v. return and the role of local government in private investment. It exposes unqualified people trying to intervene in market forces.

DapperDan is swimming in the shallow end of the economic think tank, with floaties on. His twitter 'call to arms' to union colleagues lacks strategy. It's almost Trumpish. Andrews is a Scottish name. He might be a brave heart, but he lacks true thinking, courage and strategy. DapperDan, I'm not going to follow you blindly into this unwinnable battle.

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