I feel sick. I can't pluck up the enthusiasm to theme this post. There will be no play on words, references, puns or double entendres. I'll just spell it out.

DapperDan has just announced a $2.7 billion building blitz. That's a lot of taxpayer money being funnelled in to the heavily unionised, largely unaffected construction industry. The justification? 3700 new construction jobs for workers who are impacted by COVID-19. Do you know how much that is per job? Try it on your phone calculator. Guess what? There are not enough spots on the screen for 2,700,000,000. Now turn your phone to landscape and you will get the result. I've done it for you, it's $729,729.73 per job.

What about saving 370,000 hospitality jobs with that money and saving the economy in the process? Why sink it into bricks and mortar? Why not circulate that money around the economy rather than burying it in one industry? I'll tell you why, because the CFMEU has got DapperDan in their spell. I can't explain it any other way. This is irresponsible to the point of gross negligence. I don't know how else to put it without risking a defamation suit.

I'm off to the CFMEU head office to sign up. I'm becoming a builder's labourer, once I get my head out of the toilet bowl.

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