"You've been learning, Um baby I been learning, All them good times baby, baby, I've been year-yearning." Led Zeppelin

More than 50 years ago, English rock band, Led Zeppelin exploded on the music scene. Gratuitous crimes against guitars, amplifiers and livers were 'de riguer'. Their zeitgeist defining, earth shattering, atomic sound pierced a generation and had 'the oldies' 'ducking and covering'. Baby boomers were the children of the revolution, calling for change and head banging to the music.

Now the baby boomers are 'the oldies'. Senior members of society, guiding politics and directing business traffic. Wisely whispering in the ear of Generation X and wrapping an arm around us. We will get through this. ScoMo made a good call, by tapping 'Nifty' Nev Power on the shoulder and assembling some of the best and brightest minds for the COVID-19 Commission. I am dazed & confused. What are they are mandated to do, what is the process, what is the timeline and who are they consulting with in the multi-billion dollar hospitality industry?

Please don't say Hostplus. 'Our' industry superannuation fund, prefer to open their wallets for other industries. Whilst Hostplus has been a shooting star in the returns 'Arms Race' and celebrated for it's financial performance, they haven't cut the black truffle mustard when it comes to 'triple bottom line'. We invest to create an industry that generates the employment that they take a clip on. What about me? It isn't fair. 'Yosemite' Sam Scilia (Chief Investment Officer), how much did you invest back into our industry last year? How slim was the piece in your tasty beef & brown ale investment pie? The industry is starving. Please sir, may we have some more?

Nifty, I'm right behind you and your team. It is an honourable and decent thing that you are doing. The responsibility is great, I hope you have the minerals. We are sending you a 'whole lotta love'. Please hear us. Please talk to us. We have the capacity to help the economy re-climb the 'stairway to heaven'.

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