"I have seen the light" James Brown.

Nimble toed James Brown has jumped down, turned around and kissed himself. Ha!

I have a confession. I used to borrow my Dad's dinner suit with a pair of RayBan 'Wayfarers' and head religiously to the Valhalla Cinema in Northcote. I was broke and it was free if you 'dressed up'. Same deal for Rocky Horror Show. I wore the same outfit, different glasses and called myself a Transylvanian. My mate Dandy Dan and I were Jake and Elwood. In those days, I was Elwood.

No one yet, has seen the light. Light is a major factor in the survival of cells. COVID-19 is a bunch of fucked up cells that thrive and survive in certain light. Light is a function of the Sun and varies according to your spot on the planet. Northern Hemisphere data is about as useful as a handbrake turn in a police chase.

Have you ever considered the concept of a flu 'season'? A virus 'season'? It's little to do with temperature and a lot to do with light. Anyone stuck a Year 9 agar plate in fluorescent light?

I don't have the answers, but I do know that any ‘brother’ that considers handicapped data is going to get smacked by a nun.

Let's roll.

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