The HospoVet has fingered through his black book and secured an unsanctioned, exclusive interview with the Premier of Victoria.

HV: Premier, how do you think things are going?

DD: Not well. We are in an unprecedented crisis. We have had an awful string of bad luck and now we have to fight back.

HV: What do you mean by bad luck?

DD: Well, the virus has proven to be a formidable opposition. We had it nailed, but somehow it has reared it's ugly head.

HV: Somehow?

DD: Yes, it seems Victorians have failed to take my warnings seriously. This is a direct result of people flaunting government policy.

HV: People or Security Guards?

DD: Security Guards are people you know.

HV: Sure, but did these people adequately quarantine the 'other' people of Victoria?

DD: Let's be clear. The people that you talk about, are the same people that I talk about.

HV: I'm not following.

DD: Let me be clear. Following, is not my highest priority right now.

HV: Dan, are we any chance of getting through this with you?

DD: I'm not following.

HV: Thanks for your time.

DD: It sounds like you are making fun of me.

HV: No, not at all.

DD: I have John Setka on the phone right now. He wants a word.

HV: Ah, no thanks. Thanks for your time.

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