“One day, ‘fake news’ meant a deliberate hoax, the next it meant an erroneous prediction.”

The Donald sets an illogical cat amongst the pigeons. It's his modus operandi. He's a reality TV star who masquerades as the leader of the free world. His stupidity is unprecendented. His Presidency is about as sensible as a movie star cowboy in the White House (RIP Ronald Reagen).

Whilst Hospo journalism is hardly going to save the world, it is important to us. It's particularly relevant right now. It is our public voice and an emergency life line. ScoMo, Dapper and The Premiers read this stuff.

This post is a brief one. Journos, you have a responsibility to us. You represent our industry. Please consider the way you 'report'. Propoganda simply placates readers and softens harsh realities. If you are a real journo, write a real story. Tell the truth.

No more fake news.

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