Updated: May 31, 2020

"You can't arrest me, I'm a rockstar." Sid Vicious

Sid and the boys crashed the establishment party and slam danced their way through the pop culture mosh pit. Their signature single was a 'none too blunt' attack on authority. Lizzy was in their sites. It wasn't a personal attack, these were good boys who loved their mums. It was an attack on the system and those who perpetuated it. It was a cry for help with a heavy metal pedal for effect.

Let's revive the punk scene. Let's shock the policy makers. Let's make the fascist regime take notice. Let's make serious noise, instead of copping it sweet. If I see another, 'she'll be right' news story, I'm going to ring Johnny Rotten and storm the BBC.

I'm starting by boycotting Lizzie's Birthday. Who wants to open with 20 patrons and incur double wages? What's the point?

Am I the only one with anarchy left in me?

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