Updated: May 10, 2020

"ABC, it's easy" The Jacksons

A is for Accountant. Wait for the bill,

B is for Bank. I CAN'T sit still.

C is for COGS. There's only one way,

D is for Debt. It's mounting each day.

E is for Expenses. Our product aint cheap,

F is for FBT. It's a bit steep.

G is for GST. Give us some time,

H is for Hopitality. Our industry, sublime.

I is for Interest. Compounding away,

J is for JobKeeper. How long will it stay?

K is for Knowledge. A sinkhole is forming,

L is for Labour. Unions are swarming.

M is for Margin. Ours are quite slim,

N is for Net Profit. Forecasts are grim.

O is for Outgoings. Ticking away,

P is for Penalties. Reform today.

Q is for Quick Recovery. You've lost you're mind,

R is for Rent. Landlords, be kind.

S is for Super. Leave it alone,

T is for Taxes. Government's atone.

U is for Unemployment. Never been higher,

V is for Visa. Skilled workers required.

W is for Wages. Highest on the planet,

X is for Xero. Better call Janet.

Y is for Yield. Measured in red,

Z is for Zero. Bank balance, we're dead.

Team ScoMo, It's like counting to 1,2,3.

1. Abolish Payroll Tax

2. Dump the FBT

3. Reform the Award

Simple as Do Re Mi.

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