“You cannot be serious” John McEnroe

In 2015, Dapper Dan unveiled ‘Brand Victoria’ at Rod Laver, Margaret Court or whatever the politically correct name is these days. Apt, considering we are the ‘sporting capital’.

“This is about finding a new way to sell the many strengths of our state – not as pieces of some disparate puzzle, but as part of one big, clear vision of what we stand for and what we do.” Dapper proudly proclaimed.

Whilst the ‘You’ll love every piece” campaign and accompanying jigsaw logo, is marketing finger painting, the idea was right. An omni logo has application merit, but ‘short changes’ the ‘place to be’ state. Thanks for the spiel Dapper, but what is ‘Brand Victoria’? I’ll tell you, it’s a jigsaw, a tapestry of stuff we do best.

Roll TVC montage (channel my inner Gruen Transfer) where Dusty kicks a goal at ‘The G’ on Grand Final Day, Daniel Ricciardo does a 'shoey', the internationals win ‘The Cup’ (again) and Djokovic/Federer/Nadal Box Quinella the AO. Cut to Melbourne’s graffiti adorned laneways, an impossibly handsome couple laughing as they cheers their cocktails and take insta ‘paps’ of their sugar snaps.

I figure we are on the ‘economic value’ podium. We might win gold, but Sports and Events go well too. We are a major asset on the “Big V’ brand balance sheet. We are a mannequin in Victoria’s shop window, but have been taken for granted for too long. Do you think Gill and the AFL have their hand out? You betcha they do, and so should we.

Modena in Northern Italy have recognised the importance of their restaurant industry as an integral part of their cultural fabric. They are treating their industry as a national treasure, much in the same way as we recognise sporting codes, rain forests and the Great Barrier Reef. They are kicking in to keep it alive, it’s part of ‘Brand Italy’.

Dapper Dan, what is our brand? What is ‘Brand Victoria' and what are we doing to protect it?

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