“Love and marriage.” Frank Sinatra et. al. (Bundy)

After spending the last week or so, lamenting the past, whingeing about the present and warning about the future, I have stabilised. My fear is still there, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Think tankers are thinking, politicians are for the first time in my lifetime saying things that make me believe they actually ‘get it’. True and proper reform takes time and you can be darn sure that it won’t happen overnight. It won’t appear as a magical pill (dare I say vaccination?) in the period that ScoMo keeps us alive through the federal government initiatives. So be it. We married into the industry that defines us. It sucks ‘devilled’ eggs, for better, for worse.

“It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.” Dr Spock

It’s never going to be the same. Certainly not in the immediate future. But there is opportunity here. For smart operators to reinvent business models, plan better, become less accepting and cleverer about micro-managing cost. Look at your mates homework, share yours and let’s work together on building a better industry. We have held our collective cards close to our chest for longer than I care to remember. Why? Do you really think that you know something that I don’t? Do you really believe that competitive advantage is gained by insulating your business from your competitors? Let me tell you, the metrics of our industry are pretty basic, always have been. The service model is not new. There are no tricks. Hospitality derives from the word ‘hospitable’. I call it the ‘Inn Keepers’ mantra. Welcome on the way in, drink if you're thirsty, food if you're hungry, a bed if you're tired and a farewell when you leave. I’ve just folded my cards in front of the entire industry. It’s a pair of deuces.

An online summit is brewing. I will let you know when, where and how. Until then, “Live long and prosper”.

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