Our 48 hour old campaign baby is starting to make waves. I'm proud as punch. Believe me, it's not an ego thing. I am genuinely refreshed to have a voice. I know it's not mine alone. It is the voice of all of you and the entire hospitality, arts, entertainment and tourism sectors.

Somehow, we have hit the mainline to the vein. Now, we go straight to the heart.

Tomorrow's Herald Sun Front Page will encapsulate our cry. It will validate our campaign. It has gone viral, but we can't stop here. Any sportsperson worth their salt knows that you need to keep pressing.

I am going to ensure that we paint this whole fucking town pink. Why pink? It is feminine. it represents diversity. It represents minority. It represents youth. It represents you. To be perfectly honest, I've always loved pink. It might be an '80s thing. My long term collaborator (Daanen) and author of the campaign pitched it to me. 'It's the elephant in the room, pink represents elephants.'  I agree, I think.

'Pink Elephants' is a euphemism for a problem that no one wants to talk about. Maybe my mate got it right. Let's paint the whole town pink. Let's make this elephant in the room fly.

If you would like to know more or would like to access posters, social media art or just want to chat:

Yes, the HospoVet is a real person.

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