"The only thing to fear is fear itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Last Thursday, Greg Hunt announced with his trademark smile, the COVIDSafe app. Not since Bobby Hawke (excellent beer drinker) tried to introduce the Australia ID card, has there been a collective 'cover your bits' moment. The difference this time, is that there is a global pandemic going on, rather than a thirst for data and a desire to nab tax dodgers and welfare cheats. Whilst the Australia Card was designed to build a pre-internet profile and lifetime footprint to save tax payers, the COVIDSafe app is designed to keep 21 days of movement data to save lives. The hysteria regarding privacy concerns is unfounded. The benefits are undeniable.

It is the most secure app, ever developed in this country and should be a 'no brainer' to download for every tech-savvy Aussie. Political correctness and popularity will never make it compulsory. Ironically, it is compulsory to vote.

Think of the application to hospitality. Here's an idea (Cheers nugget), show that you have downloaded the app at the door, like 'show us your ID' at Tok-H. If you pass the bouncer, it's 'have a great night'. If you don't, fill in a 'stat. dec.'. This encourages take-up of COVIDSafe, protects businesses, staff and patrons. It will accelerate restriction wind back and allow us to re-open businesses sooner, rather than later. It is literally the click of the start button to recovery.

Go to the AppStore, download it and get some much needed sleep. I don't know about you, but this shit keeps me up at night. There is nothing to fear here.

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