"To the left, to the left (mmmmmm)" Beyonce

Dapper Dan, "you must not know about me", "I could have another you in a minute". Perhaps not that quickly, but November 2022 will be here before you know it.

Whilst your strength and conviction has served us well and seen confidence soar in your leadership, it is your next move that will define you. Decisions made today, impact our immediate future and the generations to come. I understand you have a massive workload and must prioritise health and safety, but the economy needs action now.

Action is not handing out bandaids (as much as they are needed), it is having a strategy for when we leave our bunkers and return to our businesses. It's about looking at industry on a case by case basis and making bold and tough decisions about what you can do as Captain of the 'Big V' starting with the state based Payroll Tax. You need ScoMo to sit on the other end of the see-saw to get bipartisan balance on FBT and Penalty Rates. School opening delays, may make waves. Economy opening and reform delays will trigger a Tsunami.

Signing up to $24.5 billion dollars worth of debt, will provide enough ammunition for you to keep your infrastructure projects going and the heavily unionised Construction industry happy. It took 'Jazzy' Jeff most of the 90's to claw back the debt levels inherited from 10 years of ALP governance. You think you are supporting us by tapping former Crown Head of Gaming, Neil Spencer on the shoulder to lead a secret taskforce of 'gamers' to Canberra to lobby for their businesses to reopen. You're not, they do not represent the Hospitality industry, they simply use it as a 'front' for gambling dens.

Dapper Dan, please don't flap your left wing without flapping your right. You'll end up flying in circles and crashing down to earth.

No-one is irreplaceable.

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