We have suffered enough. It's time to re-open our cafes, bars, restaurants and pubs. Dictator Dan said so himself on July 30 and I quote;

"I know that it may seem counter intuitive that you can go to the pub, but you can't go to your mates place, but ultimately the data drives that decision. That's where the transmission is. It's not in cafes and restaurants."

There is a TVC coming out tomorrow on selected networks fronted by former AFL star and distressed Publican, Paul Dimmatina. Here is the script:

"Hospitality is suffering. 68,000 people have lost their jobs. Venues are closing. So many restaurants, cafes and pubs won't survive this. We have followed the rules and put everything in place to keep our staff and our customers safe. It's time for the Victorian Government to allow restaurants, cafes and pubs to employ staff and re-open under stage 2 restrictions. Support your local venues at"

Paul summed it up perfectly. It's time to re-open our venues safely for our mental health, jobs, businesses, economy, industry and customers. Enough is enough.

Whilst exercising, please take a photo of your local cafes, bars, pubs or restaurants and post your photo on social media with #itstime

See the TVC here:

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