"We who are young, should now take a stand" Curtis Mayfield

The HospoVet may not be young, but our industry is chock full of bright young things. They are the back bone of our industry and from all over the world. ScoMo has announced the third phase of the Federal Government response, JobMaker. A little birdie told me that the R&CA are heading up the Hume Highway in October to discuss reform. Hallelujah! I am preparing a written submission which I will have my spies get to the front line. It's going to go something like this...

  1. Dump Payroll Tax (Cut a deal with the Premiers)

  2. Dump the FBT (Captains Call)

  3. Dump Penalty Rates (Get tough with unions)

In the meantime, we must extend JobKeeper in our industry and extend it to temporary visa holders that have remained in continual employment since all this went down.

I have no doubt that there will be unemployment carnage, particularly amongst our many young, if the rug gets pulled out in September. Let's work on keeping JobKeeper on until JobMaker finds it's feet. Let's keep the music going, before buying a new set of dancing shoes that may or may not fit.

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