The song tells the story of a man who boards a ferryboat. Mid-voyage, a storm approaches and the ferryman demands payment. In this classic, Chris De Burgh sings the warning, “Don’t pay the ferryman”.

In Greek mythology, Charon, demanded an obolus to ferry dead souls across the River Styx. Those who did not pay were doomed to remain ‘restless ghosts’ on the plane of the mare.

The ‘Big V’ Parliament sits on Thursday, 23rd April to pass ScoMo’s Mandatory Code of Conduct. Dapper Dan has followed the lead of The Blues & Maroons by providing land tax relief, worth $420 million for landlords who provide rent relief to their tenants. Something.

I really hope Landlords and Tenants can work out a ‘fair deal' to reduce rent ‘appropriately’ for now and renegotiate sustainable, fairer rent structures for the future. If we work together, we can rebuild, stabilise and eventually prosper together. Personally, I can’t see it happening. Thank goodness the Small Business Commission are there to get us "to the other side".

I am holding my breath until I have greater surety about the future. I hope I don’t run out. I don’t want to become a ‘restless ghost’.

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