"The name's Veteran, Hospitality Veteran. Secret Agent 00457.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to rescue the COVID-19 orphans. The multi-cultural members of our society. The non-citizens that form an integral part of our industry. They are threads in the fabric. Are they less worthy than our Aussie team members? They work, pay taxes, earn super, contribute and are legitimate members of the workforce."

This is an extract from a piece I wrote on April 23rd, begging to save the Hospitality refugees. At the time, I hadn't considered the medical outcomes of isolating these people from financial support and security.

I'm sick to death of listening to our politicians instructing all workers to stay at home. Let me tell you, if I'm a temporary visa holder who has been snubbed and ignored by State and Federal governments, do you really think I am going to err on the conservative side if I have the chance of earning some income? Bare in mind, I have been cut off for 4 months. I'm not going to civilly obey politicians when I have been 'white anted'.

We are told that COVID-19 doesn't discriminate. It is obvious that the governors do. It is the most ludicrous hypocrisy and just plain dumb. Shame on you.

It is not too late. There are piles of cash left in the JobKeeper fund. Surely now we, at very least in the State of Victoria, bring these people into the fold. Aren't we all in this together?

Let's live and let live, not live and let die.

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