"It's not a lie if you believe it." George Costanza

I told you not to do it, but you wouldn't listen. I begged you. I warned you, if another member of the 'Alpha Beta Gamma' fraternity breaks rank, I will retrieve the hazing bat, bend you over and make you say, "please sir, may I have another?"

The college quarterback, a champion who has all the skill and trimmings of success has clearly picked up a Fender Telecaster, headed to the 'cross roads' and done a deal with the devil.

Why would you sing at the top of your lungs that the 'devil in disguise' take a backward step for now, but leave the door open for Beelzebub to charge through when you get to the other side? UBER is a wolf in sheep‘s clothing, I couldn't give a howl about what 'stage' we are in.

There, I've called out my first, Who's next?

George is getting upset!

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