“Every man ought to be a macro man, To live a life of freedom, macros make a stand.”

The Village People were a boy band with a twist. Sure teenage girls had their posters on the wall, but so did grown men. I didn’t know much about all that, but I did have a steaming crush on Olivia Newton John. I would have got physical with ONG in a heartbeat. Oops, I stepped off the beat. Regardless of sexuality, the boys had us dancing, making all the moves, blissfully unaware of social overtones. And that my friends, is Macro v. Micro economics.

Macro considers the big boy economy and how he behaves. It considers phenomena such as (Y) Inflation, (M) Employment, (C) Consumption and GDP and (A) Australian National Income.

Micro is the ‘Young Man’.

The ‘Macro Man’ needs a steroid shot in the arm. He needs gyms, boutiques, dry cleaners, hat shops, barbers, waxers and bars to reopen before he gets his mojo back.

The ‘Young Man’ will get his job back when the ‘Macro Man’ opens his wallet.

It’s time that ScoMo and his band come out of the closet. It’s time to do the Y-M-C-A.

Let’s boogie.

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