"Any boss, who sacks anyone for not turning up today, is a bum."

Robert J. L. Hawke (Excellent beer drinker)

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace.  It’s hard to keep up and even harder to fathom.  Dawn is approaching.  I love the smell of re-form in the morning.

SoMo is fattening us up for a massive economic reform agenda.  I don’t care if our industry is the proverbial fattened lamb with rosemary crust, as long as we are on the political dinner table.

ScoMo is channeling 'beer drinkin’ Bobby & 'Armani' Paul when they were kings of the jungle and 'macheted' a path to reform.  Back then, men were men and bosses were ‘bums’. 

Leaders of the opposition, ‘Get shorty’ and ‘Big Al’ (the best comedic double, and worst political act, since Abbott and Costello) are mocking the success of the Gotham City glory days (did i mention Bob Hawke was an excellent beer drinker?)

I wish Bobby was here, despite him having 1 1/2 feet firmly in the union camp. I genuinely believe he would stick his ACTU life membership in the back section of his wallet to save the nation.  Unions need to back down, get real and realise that if they keep flogging an economic and political dead horse, they will be stuck in the political desert on a dead horse with no name. Calling for wage rises and stability in a variable and volatile wage market, in the midst of the biggest recession event since The Great Depression, makes me question their sanity.

It's time to get serious. We are not bums, we are the only ones who can save the bacon of the economy. Rind on or off.

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