“Don’t think, do!” John (Kanga) Kennedy

State Premiers, please take your political fan beanies off. Try to insulate your thinking from your party defaults and channel your inner leader. The logical one, the one that signed up for the role and the one that wants to make a difference. ScoMo is trying, but he needs you now. He can’t do it alone. This is your time to play your part. Take one for the team. Shed the scaly skin of party members who will inevitably be licking their lips to tell you how to respond, how to ‘Do the right thing'. I almost spew, when I hear the old stale voice in my head. Don’t get caught up in arguments about the right to play golf or whether I can, or can't stand up on my paddle board. SUP with that? Give us a spell, show us dignity and promise us you are serious about helping industry via economic reform.

I urge you to use logical, definitive decision making and conviction. Don’t cherry pick members of your constituents to placate. Don’t pander to the voters who elected you. It’s bullshit. Are you KEVIN 07 who lined the pockets of Gerry Harvey, COLES and the Poker Machine industry or are you a serious leader who actually understands basic economics? It’s entrepreneurs and business that will employ, pay taxes, support supply chains, underpin property values and lead economic recovery. It’s us that creates the economy for you to fee and fund off. Without us, you are nothing.

In this instance I’m going to have to go against old mate Kanga, 'Don’t do, think!'

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