Updated: Jun 2, 2020

"Pump it up while your feet are stomping, and the jam is pumping, look ahead, the crowd is jumpin." Technotronic

The Australian media is gigless. It's an old school band of mastheads, radio frequencies and channels. The truth was lost when the bass player left the band and the lead singer went solo. The day the rivers of gold were ripped out of centre folds was the day the media died. All of a sudden, headlines became currency. Eyeballs became sales. Click throughs replaced page turns. The truth got lost in the sea of public opinion.

Channel 9 has been broken since KP left the earth. He had an iron grip on the wheel and knew that quality content was king and news anchored the ship. He built a diversified portfolio of material underwritten by solid sponsors.

Peter Hitchener proudly announced in tonight's bulletin that the pubs were 'pumping' again. I professed in a previous post, that an opportunistic media grab would happen. ScoMo, JBerg, DapperDan and the whole damn crew got their booties on the dance floor and took a selfie.

Let me tell you, I know this rap jam. The crew need to bust a real move, look ahead and start jumpin’, before the club closes.

Go ahead, make my day.

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