Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The name's Veteran, Hospitality Veteran. Secret Agent 00457.

On her majesty's service. Licensed to employ. International employer of mystery.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to rescue the COVID-19 orphans. The multi-cultural members of our society. The non-citizens that form an integral part of our industry. They are threads in the fabric. Are they less worthy than our Aussie team members? They work, contribute and are legitimate members of the workforce. Yet, ScoMo, says no. Tassie, the eternal progressive thinkers, have decided, computer says yes. Good move. Logic prevails, ethics prevail and these good people survive on the apple isle. On the mainland, many have been knocked before arriving on our friendly shores. Let's not turn a blind eye and kick them again.

If I were a gambler (yes, another vice), I'd bet on the fact that the JobKeeper scheme is not fully subscribed and that there is 'petrol in the tank'. Let's head to the 'Casino Royale", 'double down' and stick some petrol in the Aston Martin. The 457 generation have their thumbs out, hitch hiking, hoping that someone will stop and pick them up. I'm pulling up and waving them in. Buckle up!

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