The Machine V. Dan The Man

It's a classic superhero battle. It's good over evil. It's the Union Machine versus Dan The Man. Who has SuperPowers to win the battle? It's comic book shit, but literally playing out in front of our eyes.

In the early rounds, SetkaMan has been toying with SuperDan, scoring at will. The Unions have been master puppeteers. The avalanche of proper advice, public opinion and logic has forced Dan The Man onto the ropes. He is finally yielding in the construction industry.

Someone is in Dan The Man's corner and instructed him to throw caution to the wind. Forget your training. Forget everything you have learnt. Just keep throwing haymakers. Unfortunately your opponent is well trained and well drilled. They have disposed with opponents like you before. You are chump change.

My mail is that they will not lie down. Your opponent will not yield. Your mandate of 25% workforce is not accepted. Let's see what the big boys do. They tell me that, unless you soften the hard directive, they will shut sites down. A classic union play. They tell me, they want 50% workforce. You want to have your union cake and eat it too?

Good luck in the next round.

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