"Fools" said I, "You do not know, Silence like a cancer grows". Simon & Garfunkel

Hello ScoMo, my boy friend, I've come to talk to you again. The silence is deafening. I'm sick of practicing economic gymnastics in preperation for the prom. Why are organisations like R&CA and A.H.A. holding the corsage for us, when their major stakeholders are multinationals and gamers? Why has no-one (except The Blues) tabled permanent tax reform? Why is industrial reform too ugly to offer a dance? The last dance is not 'opening the doors', it is being able to reopen, rebuild and leave with a handsome beau. I'm not going to start a fight with you that I can't win, or can't finish. I don't want murder on the dance floor.

Why waste futile energy or invest money in the idea of re-opening the doors without any consideration for the economic reality? I'm not pulling my skirt up for you. I'm not even going to show you 'a little leg'. I'm not going to first base, unless you promise me a commitment. I'm an old fashioned kinda' gal.

I'm giving you the silent treatment.

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