Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Penalising a bloke, for giving a mate a job, is downright un-Australian.

In 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip, a tough but fair career naval officer, landed on 'Terra Australis' to set up a penal colony. 775 convicts were chained beneath the decks of 11 ships, no bigger than the manly ferry, for the entire 'hellish' voyage. A tough and brutal life lay ahead for the poor buggers that survived the 252 day journey, condemned to slavery under the British penal system. But what does 'penal' actually mean? Google it. Scratch that, I've done it for you;

penal /ˈpiːn(ə)l/

adjective 1. relating to, used for, or prescribing the punishment of offenders under the legal system. Similar: disciplinary, punitive, corrective, correctional, retributive

(especially of taxation or interest rates) extremely severe. "avoid borrowing at penal rates of interest"

Similar: exorbitant, extortionate, excessive, outrageous, preposterous, immoderate

And, penalty? /ˈpɛn(ə)lti/

noun 1. a punishment imposed for breaking a law, rule, or contract. "the charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years' imprisonment" Similar: punishment, sanction, punitive action, retribution, penance, fine, forfeit, sentence

Exorbitant, extortionate, excessive and outrageous? Mr google's words, not mine. Are the custodians of the Federal Award and founding fathers of Penalty Rates, legitimate Unions or Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs? Don't answer that.

What crime have I committed? Why am I getting a hefty weekly penalty deducted from my earnings? 'Mr Veteran, you have been found guilty of the henious crime of doing your best and paying people to turn up to work. I hereby sentence you to a lifetime of onerous and complex wage structuring and 100 lashes with the cat o' nine tails for good measure.' I throw myself at the mercy of the court. Please ScoMo, mercy?

Abolish penalty rates. Encourage employment. Rebuild the economy. You know it makes sense.

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