"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak." Sun Tzu

13 Chapters of considered brilliance by a man who deciphered the art of war. Not sure why there were 13, but I'm sure the foes were the unlucky some.

In the 80's it became a business bible. All of a sudden, capitalism became a theatre of war. Corporate guns loaded up and took aim at perceived enemies. Invade, capture, rape, pillage and reap the monetary rewards. My dad did an MBA in the 80's and offered me a copy. I tried to read it. I tried to understand it. I pretended to, but it was like reading Shakespeare. I got the gist, but the real meaning was lost in translation.

As an older man, all this stuff is starting to make sense;

  1. Lay Plans

  2. Wage War

  3. Attack by Stratagem

  4. Tactical Disposition

  5. Use of Energy

  6. Weak Points and Strong

  7. Manoeuvre an Army

  8. Variation of Tactics

  9. The Army on the March

  10. Classification of Terrain

  11. The Nine Situations

  12. Attack by Fire

  13. Use of Spies

And I like to add a 14th chapter, chaos.

Pick and choose what you want, when you want. The matrix can bend, but can't break. Don’t forget, revenge is a dish best served cold.

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