"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Neil Armstrong

I love a conspiracy theory. I love the intrigue, the guessing game and the uncertainty. It's thrilling. Unless, of course you are on the dark side of the moon and don't witness Neil and the boys unsaddle from the Apollo 11 moon landing module. How did they effect that 'live' audio visual global broadcast in 1969? Let's not go there.

Crown Casino has been shrouded in secrecy since day dot. 'Jazzy' Jeff & 'Pretty Boy' Lloyd declared, one small step for business, one giant leap for the economy in '94 and we haven't heard boo about it since. Don't get me started.

I would love to satellite record the meeting of secret 'Royals' & Team ScoMo when the Armistice is tabled. Forget technology, I will get out my 'old school' crystal ball.

ScoMo and his disciples in state government will proudly announce that 'we' are back in business. The tide and the worm has turned. Hurrah! The pubs are back pouring beers. The economy has been turned back on. Cut in footage of ScoMo, Bruce Mathieson and Dapper Dan nearly touching glasses. Cheers?

I will bare my blue moon in ChinaTown if restaurants, bars and cafes are allowed to come online with gaming venues. We have got as much chance as winning the jackpot.

The Crown Jewels are too valuable for government to leave in the tower for too long. The prisoners, can stay chained for now.

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