"How many flies am I allowed to have?" Bart Cummings

J.B. was the king. Make no mistake, his record of Melbourne Cups will never be broken. He used a recipe of horsemanship, showmanship and salesmanship to carve out a career as Australia's greatest ever trainer. He was master of the one liner. He delivered his piercing deadpan arrows with Robin Hood accuracy.

My personal favourite is when a hapless health inspector visited and told J.B. there were too many flies in his stable only to be asked: "How many am I allowed to have?"

The meaning of the 'one liner' is one of perspective. How much is too much?

Our Chief Handicapper was quizzed today on a roadmap. His answer? 'The numbers of daily cases are still too high to be able to provide definitive answers.'

"There will be a plan, it will be detailed, it will be based on science and data and evidence of the best of medical advice" Mr Andrews said.

How many cases are too many cases? Why is that number being withheld? What science? What data? What evidence? Who's advice? What is this plan to which you refer? Why is it top secret? Why won't you share it with us? The disdain for our intelligence is starting to smart.

Daniel Andrews sounds like the hapless public servant that visited Leilani Lodge. I'm channelling the king: "How many cases are we allowed to have?"

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