The Constitution. God Save the Queen

This foundation document seems to sit comfortably idle on the shelves. Break glass in case of emergency. It is the ivory elephant in the room. It smacks of British Imperialism and has lost complete relevance to modern Australia. At what point are we going to wake up from our collective apathy and realise that we are in a hypnotic spell of George III?

We had a chance and dropped the ball in 1999. I get it. It was like a dominant Siamese twin refusing to be cut free. We do, after all, share critical organs. We spilled blood on the battlefield. We have a perverse attraction to Mother England. We are closet Anglophiles.

What's the point of underwriting this archaic system if we can't manipulate it when it is required? Sir John Kerr pulled the trigger on the ALP and Whitlam in '75. Ironically, it was his inability to secure a supply bill that brought him undone. Gough had been on the blower to the Arabs to fund his election promises. It didn't sit well with political contemporaries. Dan has made a similar phone call to China. It doesn't sit well with me. It's all just a little bit of history repeating.

I'm gunning for some kind of Dismissal Mark II. I want ScoMo to step in or some Queenie like Sir JK to force change in the Great State of Victoria.

Get rid of this bloke and allow democracy to reign. Let's elect someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Rule Brittania.

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