In my game, the ultimate pressure test is the third quarter. An hour of combat, sorts the wheat from the chalf. The adrenaline drains most and the real champions have a hidden reservoir to dip into. Those unicorns produce legendary performance and define outcomes.

For us mere mortals, a half time rest allows the physical, metaphysical and emotional being to reset. It doesn’t make any sense to me. If I were coach, I would allow a minor rest, recovery and then a physical and mental ramp up. Team sit down meetings and verbal rev ups are dinosaur shit. The cells in the body are paramount. Don’t let them slow. Keep them active. Warm them up and hit the ground running.

JobMaker is the third quarter of our grand final. Don’t sit in the change room and catch your breath. Get on your bike and prepare yourselves. Get into the huddle and scream at your team mates to lift.

I’ve got a simplified Federal Award game plan. Let’s do this. Let’s smash the third quarter and give ourselves a chance to win a flag.

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