“The Cube is an imitation of life itself - or even an improvement on life.” Erno Rubik

In 1974, Hungarian Sculptor and professor of architecture, Erno Rubik developed the most complex brain bending puzzle. Funnily enough, it captured global imagination and challenged the world to beat it.

Slowly but surely, people solved it. Initially in hours, then minutes, then seconds. Then kids and feet. Some of us couldn't wait and peeled off the stickers, or ripped the pieces apart and reassembled (guilty). Either way, the colours on each face were back where they belonged. Lesson is, doesn't matter if you are 'a beautiful mind' or a 'life hacker' as long as you solve the problem.

A 'Dummy's Guide' to solving the COVIDCube.

1. Download the COVIDSafe app. Encourage your customers, suppliers, staff, friends and family to do the same. Let's go viral (pun intended).

2. Employ a 'doorman' or 'door bitch' on the front door of your 'club'. Check ID's or take deets. Take people to their table and get them settled. Explain the'rules of engagement'.

3. a) Redesign your floor plans. Rule of thumb, delete every second table. Physical barriers is the equivalent of sticking an R&CA membership in your eye. This won’t be forever, but it will remain in our playbooks if there is a next time. 3. b) Insist on reservations, use a bookings system, work out an efficient model that suits your business demand to maximise table turns. Stagger bookings into 10 or 15 minute intervals. Cafe owners, this means you too! 4. Implement remote ordering systems. This might be 'at table' technology, tablets or old school written order pads, all from a safe distance. Table service is back.

5. Implement health and hygiene standards for customers and staff. Forget gloves, forget masks and make sure every time a table is cleared it is sanitised. Explore e-water or sanitiser spray bottles and wash hands after every table clear. 1 plastic covered menu per table. Ask ‘Who is the table captain?’ Sanitise after each use.

6. Use crockery and cutlery The whole idea of disposable is as offensive as COVID-19. Does anyone remember issues like waste management and global warming?

6. No cash handling, only tap and go.

7. Toilets are one in one out. Load them with soap, install hand dryers and keep them clean. Put an engaged latch on the main door of the M,D & W. Have distance markers situated around the venue. Not crude, ugly and temporary measures. Designed and clever ones. I'm on the phone to my graphic designer.

8. Install timed non-toxic sanitiser dispensers around the venue. I know a bloke.

Let's not turn into Seinfeld's bubble boy. Let's use good old fashioned common sense and considered responses. Let's be agents of change, innovators and leaders of the economy by using 'proper' best practice. Rubik, Schmubik.

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