“Come with me if you want to live” The Stimulator

A pandemic assassin has been sent from the future to kill our industry. You are in grave danger. The assassin is killing people and the global economy. The apocalypse is upon us. The world is ending. "Come with me, if you want to live", I say. “Who are you?”, I hear you ask. “I’m THE STIMULATOR”.

THE STIMULATOR is a cybernetic android disguised as a human, sent back in time to save the industry from COVID-19. It has been programmed to output the 5 R’s (Thanks McKinsey & Company) designed to save our industry and stimulate the economy:

R.1 Resolve to confront the immediate threat;

R.2 Show Resilience in the face of adversity;

R.3 Create a detailed business plan to Return;

R.4 Re-imagine the ‘new normal’;

R.5 The most important, fight for Reform.

We have the power to save the world. We can rebuild the economy, create employment and pay taxes. ScoMo, give us the arsenal and ammunition that we need desperately to overcome the oppressor. You talk about stimulus? Then abolish Penalty Rates, repeal Payroll Tax & Lose FBT. You’ve done plenty for us to stay alive, now let us have a crack at the enemy. We can beat this thing, but we need your help.

If you give us what we need, "we’ll be back".

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