Updated: Apr 28, 2020

EXODUS 19 "there were thunder and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud"

After forty days and forty nights, in the midst of a dark cloud, I have descended the mountain with two tablets (i-Pads). They contain 10 simple to follow and logical 'commandments'. Let's set them in stone, to provide a framework for a just society and 'codify' all civil interactions in our industry.

1. Thou shalt abolish Penalty Rates. It is unjust to penalise employers for creating employment. We are not convicts.

2. Thou shalt surrender Payroll Tax. A WWII widow support fund, that provides disincentive to create employment, is not what we need post COVID-19.

3. Thou shalt repeal Fringe Benefits Tax. It is ineffective, regresssive, stifling and redundant. You want stimulus don't you?

4. Simplify payroll and reporting regimes. We are better for our business and the economy out of the 'office'. We are not actuaries, accountants or lawyers.

5. Thou shalt regulate Landlord/Tenant relationships and provide umpires through state based Small Business Commissions.

6. Neither a borrower nor lender be. Regulate the credit culture within the supply chain.

7. Thou shalt provide tax relief and financial support to the industry for employment, training and investment. We are a cornerstone of the economy and a national treasure. Back us.

8. Thou shalt tighten regulation on liquor licenses. It shouldn't be a right for anyone without a criminal record to operate.

9. Honour our health and safety and the safety of our customers by tightening reporting and plannning obligations.

10. Put a hold on Super contribution increases and restrict payment to Permanent Residents & Australian Citizens.

Our ScoMo, who art in Canberra, hallowed be thy name. COVID-19 has come, thy economy is done, in Australia as it is globally.

Respectfully, we need our daily bread. We will forgive those who have trespassed against us. Deliver us from this evil.

We are good for it, Amen.

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