Thelma & Louise

"You get what you settle for" Louise

In 1991 two 'besties' set out on a weekend vacation to escape their dreary lives. On the way, they stop for a drink at a roadhouse and let their hair down. Thelma meets a flirtatious stranger and enjoys the attention. They share a drink and kick up their heels, before going to the car park to get some fresh air. Things turn nasty and the stranger lies dead in the car park. The girls hightail it.

On the run, the pair learn a lifetime of lessons and discover themselves. They learn not to settle for anthing less than happiness, to push boundaries and that the best company is that of your 'own kind'. They also run into Brad Pitt, but I digress.

How do we get what we deserve? The secret gaming society are on a road trip to Canberra to represent 'our industry' and lobby to get pubs, clubs and casinos open again. Yipee, I hear you cry. It is tempting and exciting, but make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, before you dance with a stranger. Don't forget JobKeepers will end. RentRelief will end.

Will your business be able to afford to employ all of your retained staff, at their old wage rates? Can you afford to trade 7 days a week? Have you written a new costed roster? Have you written sales forecasts and cashflow forecasts for when we are back 'on our own?' Are they realistic? Don't forget that rent is pegged to sales recorded on your BAS, not profit. More sales, more rent.

Sure, open your doors and celebrate the fact that we are back in business, but please, do not see this as the end game. Reform is needed. Payroll Tax & FBT have to go (NSW are already tabling). The Federal Award needs reform. I'd like to see penalty rates gone altogether. Let's not settle for the past, lets look ahead to the future. Lets jump in the '66 Thunderbird, put the pedal to the metal and have a crack at clearing the grand canyon this time.

At least Thelma had one night with Brad.

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