I'm a 70's kid. My most memorable family car was a pale blue Ford Falcon 500 station wagon, license plate LMH 660. It was an original Automatic. The seats were vinyl and another shade of blue. We used to pilgrimage every Summer, West to South Australia. My family were 'Crow Eaters'. Dad would stack the roof racks, put the kids in the back and drive through the night to avoid the chorus "are we there yet?" We would head to North Adelaide with Uncle Arthur and Auntie Gill, then pack up and 'head to Victor'. My Grandpa Ross built a shack in Encounter Bay which sat proudly off Whalers Road in Foam Avenue. It had views from Victor across the bay to 'the bluff'. I loved it.

Parkinson's found him and, in later years, he lost some faculties. Once Grandma sent him out to buy Milk and he returned with a carton of honey. He knew he had erred but shot me a wink and a smile. I didn't care if he meant it or not. I loved him even more.

Let me make it clear. We weren't rev heads. We weren't 'car people'. But in that vintage you were Ford or Holden. You would ask your mate if he were 'true blue' or a 'red dog'.

"What's your drive?" "Three in the tree or four on the floor?"

Automatic was the family man's answer. A younger man wouldn't dare to admit he couldn't navigate a manual beast, regardless of colour.

I know what you are thinking. What has any of this got to do with COVID-19 and the Great State of Victoria?

It's fairly simple. I'm asking Daniel Andrews, "Do you have three in the tree or four on the floor?"

Three in the tree is where we are at, Stage 3 Lockdowns. It's your soft version of manual transmission. You pick and choose your gear to placate all your cronies. Four on the floor is some serious grunt and requires a tough muscle man to work through the gears. Let's put the pedal to the metal and change gear to fourth.

Every other version of retail, including shopping centres, remain open whilst hospitality (the biggest contributor to employment and economy) remains closed. It makes no sense.

Daniel, please shift to fourth gear. Shut this down. It is your last chance to show true leadership. We need four on the floor.

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