"I'll have what she's having." Rob Reiner's Mum

In 1989, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan captured global imagination. Boy, meets girl. Girl has doubts. Boy has doubts. Let's call the whole thing off. The trail blazing movie started the RomCom genre and we haven't stopped laughing and crying into our popcorn since. The restaurant scene is one of the most memorable and uncomfortable of all time (I knew she was faking).

Back when I was on the scene, there were clubs, bars and restaurants. There was no internet and no virtual meeting markets. Guys had to shower, dress up nice, deodorise, add a dosage of CK Eternity and make their way past the bouncer to strut their stuff. 'Do you come here often?' 'Would you like to borrow 20c to call your mum and tell her you won't be home tonight?'

At some point the social interaction v. social distancing dilemma is going to have consequence. The meetings, memories, relationships and children that came out of social interaction will have to find another level. I'm sure that it will happen. The internet is a powerful tool. I just hope that tables are small enough to lean across and 'plant a kiss' on the future mother of your children.

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