"Take me to the magic of the moment,

On a glory night,

Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away),

In the wind of change." Scorpions

In 1989, the Cold War was over. A German power ballad captured the passion, the hope and the dream of a brighter future. Glasnost was born, Russia hit the heavy metal pedal and powered on.

The storm will end and the clouds will clear. Right now, we are an industry on a boat, without a rudder and a broken mast. Battered by the ocean, the tides and the wind of change. We go this way, we go that way. Panic and confusion reigns. Where will we come to ground? When will this all end? Who's navigating? Oh hell, another man overboard!

Dream of a future, where the industry of tomorrow is bright. Roll with the storm and don't go down with your ship. Look at your crew, look at your family and appreciate what you have. All is not lost.

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